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The September issue of Neurosurgical Focus is entirely about cavernous angioma research and treatment. All of the articles are available with full text online. A little light reading for everyone!

It's great to have this level of interest and to have so many people willing to write about the illness.

And we have all this attention because of you and the angioma alliance.  You are impressive.
I agree with Libby hopefully all of you can pass it on to your doctors to read although they might be subscribers of the journal.
I sent the link to my Neurologist even though I suspect she getīs the journal but did it just as a reminder;)
Thanks for sharing, Connie!  :)
Hooray for all of 'us!' The focus on CM's has been a long, long time coming, but I applaud the neurosurgical community for doing so. Hopefully the interest will continue on into the rest of the medical communities. We need it...

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