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update, post op 3 1/2 mo.

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Hello, just wanted to give you all an update.  Today I did my follow up with my Gen. Dr. about going back to work.  I was very honest about it and do not feel ready physically or mentally.   I have been having numbness that comes and goes, cognitive fatigue and weakness. Today my throat had prickely numbness sensation in it for about 30 min or so.  Anyway, I was honest and now I have to follow up my neurologist after relaying all this info of which I am not happy about because I don't care to much for him, but will pray that it goes well.  I know it's only been 3.5 months since my surg and sometimes I over do it and pay for it with weakness for 4 days or so but when does it get better.  Sometimes I feel like a slug sitting around just waiting.  When can I push myself and feel great about it.  Some of you might be wondering where my bleed was and when. Well, on May 18 of 2010 I had bled a second time within a week in the ventricle just above the thalmus and it had caused significant swelling, I was having a seizure when I went to the ER for the second bleed. It was not a grand mal but a partial and I was alert and aware through out, the next day I was shipped to UCSF for urgent surgery. The surgery went well, it was 5hrs long and I woke with minimal deficits.  My real problems started 6 wks after surgery with numbness that comes and goes, weakness (which is the worst thing ever at times) prickely sensations and cognitive fatigue.  So please share feed back it's greatly appreciated.
Hello Heidihi,
So sorry you're having problems. Since you're @ your 3.5 mos post-op 'anni' are you going to be seeing your neurosurgeon for f/u soon?
Unfortunately cognitive fatigue comes w/the 'dinner' and since your surgery was deep, try to allow yourself more time to mend. I know it's easier said then done! :)
As for the other symptoms you're having, your neurosurgeon could best answer that.
Recovery for my 4 surgeries have all been a little different, but cognitive fatigue seems to get better with time and learning to not overdo it is an ongoing 'learning experience.' ;) As for my recent surgery 3/9/10, it was an intense 4 hr. surgery as it too was deep, located in the right thalamus, near where you had surgery. So I can relate w/some of what you must be going through. :)
Hang in there and take good care of yourself!

Patti said your real problems started 6 weeks post-op...Have you had a scan since the problems started? I would want to make sure there is not a new bleed. Just a thought. Good luck!

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