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I thought I'd start a new thread to see if there is a corretion between changes in hormoes and bleeds. The following is part of a study between progesterone and blood pressure:
?Our study shows that in postmenopausal women, higher blood levels of progesterone are associated with less of an increase in blood pressure and less blood vessel constriction in response to angiotensin II, one of the naturally occurring substances in the body which causes the blood vessels to constrict,? said Emily Szmuilowicz, M.D., of Brigham and Women Hospital and lead author of the study. ?Constriction of the blood vessels can lead to increased blood pressure, which can contribute to problems such as heart attack and stroke.?

I'm not postmenopausal, but I think one can look at it as the changes in hormones (including men) have... FYI- I was able to find this and more info using the words preogesterone blood vessel at Google.
Between the ages of 42 and now 51, I have had 3 bleeds and surgeries, so I have to really wonder if fluctuating hormones play a part in why we bleed??
Great topic!
All my problems started after pregnancy. Not sure if it was hormones, increased blood volume, difficult labor, lack of sleep, and/or taking lots of advil after the difficult delivery?? Maybe all of the above...but I think you're right about the possible hormone connection.
The worst thing, at least in my experience, is that all docs  won't prescribe hormones because of fear they will be sued if an angioma bleeds. (My angioma was surgically reoved and I STILL can'y find a doc who will prescribe them.)
I've written Emily Szmuilowicz, M.D., enquiring if maybe she or her assoc. have specifically researched vascular malformations and hormones?? If I hear back will let you know.
Does anyone know if the doctors serving on the AA Board has researched this topic?
I had two healthy pregnancies and deliveries.  My first child was born when I was 25 and my second was when I was almost 28. Now looking back after the birth of my 1st I probably had a few little bleeds.  There were days where I just couldn't get up out of bed open my eyes or do much of anything. I would take a dramamine and eventually snap out of it. I just thought it was new mommy pains.  2 years later I had my bigger bleed/seizure.

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