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Surgery this week

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I was recently diagnosed with a cmm deep in my cerebellum. After doing lots of reading (and many here) I did consult with some of the names I see here frequently. All dr's said this needs to come out. Apparently it has bled in the past several times and it is "more active".

With surgery a few days away I feel like I have conflicting information about what to prepare for. Is this procedure going to be a big deal or will I be back to myself in a week? The neuro said he can not say for sure what deficits I will have if any when I wake up. If I have none does it take time to really recover, like more than a few weeks? I have been effected from this last bleed especially with weakness in my legs, severe headaches, dizziness and vision issues. Fatigue is awful!

I am just trying to understand as it seems the dr is saying this is really not that big of a deal yet it seems to be a little more than what he says. Any input or experiences would be great!

Hi Tami,
I had surgery a couple months ago for CA in left parietal lobe. I can only speak about my experience as everyone`s different depending upon the location in brain, complications (If any), size and approach. For me they said 3-5 days in the hospital, but that does not include the recovery. I flew from Arizona to Toronto 4 days after surgery but I wouldn`t recommend that :)
I was lucky to not have complications but it was a slow recovery. I did have temporary deficits as they anticipated from the swelling caused by surgery-those improved and practically dissapeared within a few weeks. I did have to take it easy for weeks and you will need help. That is, someone do to everything for you-like make meals, etc. Don`t overdo it even if you feel like it. Listen to your body when it`s telling you to sit down AND ice your head regularly -that will help. Light walking if permitted as soon as you can and don`t scratch the incision site, no matter how itchy-and it will get itchy when it`s healing. They prescribed muscle relaxants for after as my neck was sore and pain killers that you will likely need around the clock for a couple weeks. It is amazing how quickly it will heal and you will feel better.
Don`t be afraid to ask them as many questions as possible!!!
Take care, and realize it`s normal to be afraid and scared-I was, but it sounds like your in excellent hands.
Let us know how it goes.
Hi!   Welcome and sorry you have to be here.  I had surgery almost 4 years ago and I would say I am still recovering in some sort of way.  I still have seizures which I thought would be done with after surgery, headaches and left sided partial paralyzation.  But I work 30 hours a week and have 2 kids.
They will most likely keep you in (depending on how everything goes) between 4-6 days.  I also suggest when you get home to rest, ICE, and rest.  A couple weeks after you will start to feel better, don't over do it or push yourself, take your time.   Let others cook and clean if possible that was a help.

Any other ?s you have abou surgery let us know!  Ps. Who's your surgeon?


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