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I have had/do have Multiple bleeds/lesions in my head. Lately I have had a new pain on the rt side of my head at the base of the skull/ neck. Should I be concerned? Could it be a new active bleed? Tks
What have your other bleeds felt like?
     What other symptoms do you have besides pain?
Most of the time I feel nothing. When i have another MRI/A I am told I have had more bleeds. They don't even count them anymore like they did in the beginning (1988) Now they just say numerous. I had a bleed in 04 that was 9mm in the pons & caused a stroke. Since then I have numbness/tightness all across my forehead & covering the whole top of my head. I have the same feelings in my rt hand. Depending on the day the tightness in my fingers is just in a few at the tips. Other times it goes down the effected finger(s). It changes as to the finger(s) the feeling is in. It is always in the tips of all of them. I have a feeling behind my rt eye area at times & last few months when I drive I feel like I am not seeing correctly although I can see it just feels like there is a presence there. Sorry for the lack of specificity in my descriptions but i do not know what else to call the feelings.
oh yea, when i am (i believe) having a bleed sometimes I throw up & get dizzy, get the photophobia (sp?) stuff bright lights etc. I am not having these last symptoms at this time.
I don't think I would be really concerned, but since it is hard for you to tell, I think you should call your neurologist's nurse.  Tell her what is going on and then she will run it by the doctor. He should know what to do.
Tks Libby!! Will do

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