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North Texas, Oklahoma, or Louisiana?

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I am in Dallas, TX, but would like to see if there is anyone within a few hours of here that would like to get together.  We can correlate schedules and a convenient meeting place.  There are a few of us that meet already informally, but I would love to meet more people!  I am also in Shreveport frequently, so if you would like to plan something I am game!  Let me know!
I live in Plano Texas, which is just north of Dallas. I think there are a few others on here who live in the DFW area as well.

I will watch this post. I live in Colorado Springs but am in Dallas very often (work for large company there at 635 and 75). In fact was just there for 2 days handing off my work before my surgery to remove my ccm.

I live in Sherman...I'd be up for a gathering.
If we were to tenatively schedule something sometime in the next month or so, would a weekday or weekend be better for everyone?  And would there be a certain are that would be easier to get to?

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