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5 mos. thalamic post-op (yay!)

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As of yesterday I had my 5 mos. thalamic post-op 'anni' - yay!
It's been an extra challenging recovery, as the CM was more involved in my right thalamus than previously believed to be and it had been doing A LOT of bleeding, so am thankful it's gone.
I realize I have a winding road ahead of me recovery-wise, but have resumed my presurgical indoor aerobic walks of 1 - 3 miles a day and occasionally ride my bicycle (though these activities can be a little tricky w/left-sided numbness!)
I certainly have my 'blue days' and do my best to remind myself of ALL the things in my life I have to be thankful for, as well as to remember how far I've come in these past 5 mos.
Enjoy and embrace the day!  :)
    I am just so in awe of the operations you have had.  I have had trouble in the thalamus, but I don't believe I would have have the strength to have it operated on.  
    This operation gave you more trouble then your others?
 I have so much respect for your inner strength.
Thank you, Libby. It's folks like you who help keep me strong! :)
Yes, in comparison to my previous 3 surgeries, this recent surgery of 3/9/10 was the most difficult as it was the deepest surgery, requiring time in rehab relearning to walk. As you already know, the thalamus sits on top of the brainstem. Lucky us, huh?! ;)  
Part of my strength in going through a surgery like this is having what I refer to as a 'sacred' trust in my neurosurgeon, Dr. Gary Steinberg. Being able to trust your doctor I think is part of the 'battle.'  I also am very blessed in having a wonderful and supportive husband who has been through 3 brain surgeries with me.
How are you coping with your challenges?

Well wishes to you,
I love your attitude!! So inspiring and positive. Congratulations and happy further recovery!
Thank you, Elizabeth.  It's the only way of keeping 'sane!'  :)
There are different ways of staying sane.  I have never had an operation on my head that didn't make things worse, so I stay sane by avoiding operations.
   I do so admire you, though.  You have made a plan for yourself and you are going through with it.  I have to respect your stick to it attitude.
Likewise, Libby. You've just gotta do what's best for you and neither decisions (surgery or not) are easy to make.
I've got an upcoming MRI w/my n.s. and am dreading it, as we already know I've got another bleed deep in my L temporal that he's been watching...yikes!
One day-at-a-time and deep breaths, right?! :)
Hi, I am new to the board. I was diagnosed recently and my ccm is deep in my cerebellum. I was interested Patti in your posts since you are talking about your recovery from surgery. I am scheduled for surgery on Sept 2 and keep wondering what it will be like after. Any insight? I have had 4 doctors, (Spetzler, Lawton, Ogilvy and the one doing the surgery in Boulder) say it needs to come out.

Ami I thinking it will be worse than it will be?? Thank you for any thing you are willing to share...


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