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I often gt headaches, migraines I guess.  I have an appoint with my neuro ina few months.  She talked about meds last time if it continued to be a problem. Not sure of med name,  She said it is often used for anti-seizure but in low doses can control migraines.   Is anyone on meds for this? If so what is it, how has it helped or hindered/side effects etc.
I take Neurontin.  It was originally used for seizures, which I don't have.  I was given it because it helps with nerve pain and they thought it would help my headaches.  I still have headaches, but I believe the medicine helps.
I take Topamax every day as a preventative for my migraines. My neurologist says this also is helpful with seizures in higher doses. He actually has me on a low dose of Topamax for the headaches and another medication for the seizures. The Topamax works well for headaches. I rarely have one. There are side effects, different ones for different people. The main one is weight loss. I lost about 20 pounds. I also lost the ability to taste any carbination. So long Dr Peppers! Overall it has really helped me.
Good luck with your appointment!
Hi, I have both seizures and have daily headaches.  In my experience most of the headache meds are associated with seizure medicines.  I am on depakote right now and it has lowered my headaches, but side effects are quite a bit.  So there are many meds out there to help with side effects uness you know the name.
I take a triptan based medicine rizatriptan for chronic migraine and it works where previously, nothing did! I also take Cymbalta usually used for depression/neuropathic pain as a preventative; 30Mg. I had been on it and noticed my headaches starting to get a lot worse when I stopped.  There is a theoretical interaction between the triptan group of medicines and SSRI/SNRIs (of which Cymbalta is one) leading to raised serontonin levels in the brain but I have not had any problems. I take a lower dose of the triptan (5mg) and it still works well.


Thanks for your input.  Hopefully I get some help and the headaches go away!

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