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I have been noticing an odd symptom for the last year or so.  I did not really pay attention to it before, but wanted to see if anyone else has noticed the same thing.  I don't know if this do the meds I am on (Klonopin and Baclofen) or my brainstem CA.  

Basically, I mess up words when typing and misspell words when writing by hand.  This happens even though I know what I mean to type or spell.  For example, when writing by hand I will mix up the second and third letters of a word.  I will write teh instead of the.  When typing I may use 'are' instead of 'or' or some other word that is completely unrelated to the word that I meant to type.

Again, I know what I want to type but my hands don't always follow what my brain is telling them to do.  I have started doing more documentation for my work, so this has become more apparent.  I have to proof read everything.  Even then, I will miss wrong words in my typing.

This is more an annoyence then anything else.  I don't even know what to call it.  I wanted to get some feedback so I could better describe it at my next appointment with the neurologist.

Yea, I've had that at times too. I don't know if it's fatigue, meds, or old age. :-)

I did hit the 40 mark this year so that could be part of it.  :o)  

The optometrist is blaming all of my vision problems on my age now.  This is even though they all started with my bleed over three years ago.  :o)

Hi Kathy,

Yes I can relate. If it was not for a spell checker I would be lost completely. I have found it to be part of me since last year well before my first bleed. Then again it may be that I have had a bleed last year but did not know then it was. Just typing this piece the spell checker had to help me at least 6 times already.


Henk :cool:
I have noticed it too and thought it was just me. I am not on any meds so that is not what is causing it for me. I did not have it before my bleed so I am going with the fact it is not my age. It is almost more comforting to think it is due to the caverona than the fact that I am 58. LOL
I have noticed the same thing for years but attributed it to working with phone numbers all day...but I worked with numbers before, and it was never this bad... I transpose numbers and letters much more now...
Count me in on this one!  I'm 29 and not on any meds and have not always had this problem.  Even with speaking (typing or writing) quite often the wrong word comes out mid-sentence (totally unrelated) and I think what the?  I know I "thought" the right word.  I was told by my neurologist and neurosurgeon that these were little seizures.  Sometimes it will last for an hour or longer.  It reminds me of when I was learning to speak Spanish.  I would think a sentence but not know all of the words in Spanish so I would manually have to re-think the sentence using words that I knew even though it may have not sounded as natural.  Sometimes my letters or words transpose or even disappear!  I can usually compensate for it so no one notices unless it is a point blank question.  Anyway you might want to ask about the possibility of seizures.
I am an eighth grade English teacher, sounds to me that your bleed reverted you back to eighth grade   :D

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