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I am 4 mos. post-op of surgery for the resection of a Cavernous Malformation in my right thalamus and would like to hear from others who also had surgery in thalamus, your recovery experience, etc.

This was my 4th CM surgery in 22 years, so consider myself a 'veteran' survivor! :)

Until a 'cure' is discovered, I am among those with 'multiples' throughout my brain that will need the continued MRI monitoring w/neurosurgeon for the rest of my life.
I also have a cm in my thalamus (right), but have not had surgery. I personally would like to hear about your experience with surgery in this area, and what type of symptoms you are having. I am somewhat of a newbie to the forum, been browsing for the last 5 months or so but havent posted till now. Thanks for any info. Chad
wow, I am post op CM in R Ventricle 5/18/2010 (surg date) after 2nd bleed within 1 week at UCSF in San Fran... It was considered an emergency at that point.... My recovery has been ups and downs, 2 steps forward and 1 step back.  I notice if I am tired or over due it my symptoms return even if they can't find anything.  Also I get sore easily and tire very quickly!  I get these pin prickly sensations and numbness that comes and goes on Right side of body here and there. Also have been having some kind of shaking like activity in my sleep because it wakes me then I have leg pain afterwords, has anyone experienced these things post op.... :p

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