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My son has a cavernous angioma in his brainstem.  Is riding rollercoasters out of the question for him?
The short answer is yes.  He has already had a couple bleeds, right?  Researchers can tell us little to do to avoid bleeds, but they do say no blood thinners and no rollercoasters.
   That being said, I went on every rollercoaster on the east coast with my boys with the exception of the ones that went upside down.  I never had a bleed then.  HOWEVER  I did not know that I could. As much as I like roller coasters, knowing it, I can not put myself in the position of having a bleed for a momentary thrill ride.
yea I love rollercosters and was think about going to Disneyland with a few little older kids, I thought there not real hevey duty roller costers there, i was tell my girlfriend about, she said if i go she never talk to me again.
  I had to relize she was right, why take a chance on something like that its not worth the risk. Some things just are not worth the possability of making things worse. There are always other things to do that are just as much fun and don't have the possable out come of making the problem worse.
I've been on more than my fair share of rollercoasters...before I knew I had this thing. I used to really love them...funny thing is I would ALWAYS get really bad headaches after spending the day at any theme park. Hummmm. I thought I was "motion sick" so I would take dramamine and excedrine ahead of time. Hind sight is 20/20!

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