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Hi all Canadians, especially Ontario folk...

I was wondering if it would be possible to organize a get together to actually share our stories and experiences face to face.

I am in Ontario, and know of a few others that are in tis province. I don't know if this has been attempted before, but I would love to get the ball rolling. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. We can also invite guests, that are not on this forum yet.

Hope to hear from the Canadians, especially Ontario folk

Henk :cool:

 I live just North of Toronto.  I would be open to a get together of some type.  Where do you live?  

Hi Shawnm26,

You are the first to reply. I Do know of at least one other in St. Catharines that would probably participate. Then there are a few more in the province, that could be asked to come. I don't know where they are located. I am in the Niagara region as well. Once we have a decent group we can start polling for the date and location. We have to look at whether we want to make this a very social get together where we can have the kids  play together as well. We can poll that as well. I am really interested in making this a joyful experience, so I am open to any ideas.

Let me know who you think lives nearby and would like to join. Feel free to ask them...

Thanks  for the interest.

Henk :cool:
Yes.  We would be interested.  My husband had two surgeries in 2007 to remove his cavernous malformation in the brainstem.  We live in Mississauga.
Hi "BaBa",

Thanks for showing interest. We are seeing more people indicating that they would like to participate.

we should now slowly start to think of what kind of venue, where and when we would like to conduct this meeting.

Any ideas you have would be appreciated.

Myself, I have a wife and 4 kids, and was thinking maybe of a kid-friendly place that we could rent for the day (if we have enough families participating).

This way the kids can have fun while we mingle and discuss our experiences.

Please think of any ideas..

Henk :cool:

We live in a condo.. there is a party room that we could use.  Unfortunately, there are costs associated with renting it.  

How about a park?

Anyone else have any ideas?


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