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International Cavernoma Alliance UK Forum 2010

Dear Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members, Carers and Friends of Cavernoma Alliance UK,

The Board of Trustees would like to invite you to attend the International Cavernoma Alliance UK Forum on Saturday 5th June 2010. It will be held at the Orion Suite, Grange Holborn Hotel, 50-60 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4AR from 0900 to 17.00. (The Grange Holborn?s website is: http://tr.im/N0Ip)

Ever since the Forum began four years ago, the Board have always maintained that everyone should have free access to the Forum. So, as always, the event is free (including a buffet-style lunch), to all registered participants. (To register, please contact info@cavernoma.org.uk.) Cavernoma Alliance UK can, on an "as needed" basis, also meet UK travelling costs. (This concession is available with prior clearance only.) Gift-aided, voluntary contributions are always accepted. (Please see our Treasurer, Jon Anderson, at break-time.)

Last year, many more members registered for the Forum than actually attended. Please come along and support our charity. The neurologists, neurosurgeons and geneticists who attend give freely of their time, and we should show our support for them. With little money, the indulgence of the Grange Holborn Hotel, and the support of our sponsors - many of which are you - Cavernoma Alliance UK organises and finances this International Forum. Attendance at this London meeting is essential. Some of the former international speakers have included Professor Awad from America and, last year, the Alistair William MacQueen Memorial Lecture allowed Professor Dr. Helmut Bertalanffy from Zurich to be amongst us. (Dr. Bertalanffy?s lecture along with other neurologists, geneticists and neurosurgeons from 2007-2009 are available on our website. Please click on this link: http://tr.im/MgRm to access these talks.)

This year the Board is pleased to announce the 2010 keynote speaker is Dr. Amy Akers, Chief Scientific Officer of Angioma Alliance in America. Dr. Akers has been described as ?the one person in the world best able to present an overview of research developments across the spectrum.?

The International Cavernoma Alliance UK Forum 2010 begins with registration at 8.30 on the 1st floor of the hotel, followed at 8.50 by a welcome from me, Ian Stuart, member and co-ordinator. At 9.00 our first speaker is Dr. Jonathan Berg, Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Ninewells Hospital and Medical School, Dundee. Dr. Berg will be followed at 9.50 by Dr. Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, Honorary consultant neurologist, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh and a Cavernoma Alliance UK medical adviser. Dr. Salman will speak until 10.30, and his talk will be followed by questions. Morning coffee will be served in the Pegasus Suite at 10.45. At 11.15 Mr. Neil Kitchen, consultant neurosurgeon, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, and senior medical adviser, Cavernoma Alliance UK, will give a presentation on cavernomas and answer members? questions. And at noon Cavernoma Alliance UK presents a lecture to members from Dr. Amy Akers from North Carolina, USA, followed by questions from the floor.

Following a one hour lunch break at 13.00 members gather at 14.00 (sharp) for structured but informal workshops. As with previous years? workshops, these occur in the Orion Suite where, during lunch, partitions will have been erected to form break-out rooms. At this point, there are four workshops to choose from. These worksops will be repeated twice during the afternoon. Emma Ramsay will facilitate a workshop on living with the impact of cavernoma; Tabitha Bushill will talk about epilepsy and cavernoma (calling upon her recent operation for cavernoma removal by awake craniotomy); Joanne Smith and Adrian will run a workshop on having multiple cavernomas; Lois will coordinate a discussion for carers. At 16.15 Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members, Carers and Friends of Cavernoma Alliance UK are invited to discuss the Forum and the charity?s work at the 2010-11 Annual General Meeting. The Forum will be finished by 17.00.

Reduced-rate accommodation is available at the five-star Grange Holborn Hotel (street address above). The normal rate in June is around 275 per night. But for those attending the Cavernoma Alliance UK Forum the figure is reduced to 85.00 plus VAT (17.5%) for Friday 4th June and 90.00 plus VAT for Saturday 5th June 2010. You may want to look at the hotel's website for more information (Based on both the 2008 and 2009 Forum, I can recommend the Grange Holborn without hesitation.) Situated in Bloomsbury, the Hotel is five minutes walk from Holborn tube station on the central line. Talk with the hotel about parking.

You need to make your own bookings by calling Cavernoma Alliance UK's contact, Nandita Rai, at the Central Reservations Office, telephone 0845 450 4400 quoting reference number 040610N. To hold the room a credit/debit card will be needed. No charge is made against the card until the member leaves the hotel. At that point the cardholder will be able to choose whether they prefer to use their credit card or pay in cash. Upon calling, members should also state whether both nights of Friday 4th and Saturday 5th June 2010 are required or simply one night. Hotel bookings need to be made no later than the middle of April. So don?t delay; book today. At the time of booking, please indicate whether a double or twin bedded room is required. (NB. The price is for the room NOT the person so you can save money by sharing. Maybe the [under-used] Cavernoma Alliance UK mailing list might be a good posting site for members).

Ian Stuart Ph.D.
Member and Co-ordinator

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