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Hi all, happy 2010.
Just to let you know that after being diagnosed just a few weeks ago, and after suffering from fatgiue over the last few months due to a recent bleed.  I have decided to try and start running again and have decided to run in the BUPA 10KM in May, to raise money for Cavernoma Alliance and to try and raise awareness for this great foundation.   :D

Where is the marathon? This is excellent news. Thank you.

(Set up a JustGiving site if you like. Do it for free through the "donate" section of the website.)

Hi Ian

it's at the end of May, I'll get the exact day for you tomorrow, it's in London. I've decided to try and get funds in April, I am going to tell my friends and family my story which is hard, but I know it will help them aswell. I'll give more details tomorrow, I've got my justgiving site, it's under jeanette spicer. Take care jx
Hi Ian

The Run is on the 31st May, a day after my 40th ....didn't work that one out too well.

Is it ok if I print up the logo from Cervernoma UK and have it put on a running Tshirt.


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