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I've been speaking with the researchers who are working on the statin study about some of the other implications of their work.  As was first discovered by Dr. Awad's research group, they have demonstrated that CCM hemorrhage/lesion development is probably related to inflammation in the blood vessels or to some kind of injury.  In normal blood vessels, the endothelial layer responds to insults and then returns to its normal state.  In CCM, the endothelial layer responds to insult but does not return to its normal state.  The researchers believe statins facilitate the return of the endothelial layer back to its normal state.

The implication here is that there may be some things that anyone can do to reduce their risk of bleeding.  Here are the very basics:  

1.  First and foremost, don't smoke!
2.  Get your flu shot early in the flu season
3.  Stay away from sports that may cause head injury
4.  Minimize situations where you may have limited oxygen (mountain climbing to 10,000-12,000+ ft, SCUBA)
5.  Get plenty of rest, wash your hands frequently, reduce your stress where possible to reduce your vulnerability to infectious diseases.

Obviously, even if you do all of these things, you may still have a bleed or develop more lesions, but I think their findings confirm what so many of you had already noticed.

If you have the genetic form of the illness and are not already on statins, please consider contacting me (info@AngiomaAlliance.org) or Dr. Kevin Whitehead (kevin.whitehead@hsc.utah.edu) about participating in the study.


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