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It's been about 8 months or so since I've been on this chat room.  I'm happy to see that there is now a Canadian content area.  Thanks to the person who started it.
My last bleed was over a year now.  I feel good however when I get a bad headache, worse than "normal" I still get scared, however I'm doing fine and focusing on my family and business.


See ya

I get scared also and my bleed was 11/12/2006 I recently had a migrane that made me want to vomit and made my body shake. I skipped work on that day and my face showed it the next. I'm also hard headed i moved a few pieces of furniture with my feet after I felt better. Sometimes I think I am looking for trouble.
I am so glad to see some Canadian content. I have not been on in awhile. My son Dustin has was diagnosed two years ago it has been a rough two years. He had a new bleed a few weeks ago. Dustin get severe head aches as well and this last bleed left him with blurred vision. We are in Northern Ontario and have yet to find a Doctor that specializes in ccm in Canada. When he was originally diagnosied they sent us to see a doctor that specializes in epilepsy.
Hi SherryLynn,
 It sure can be scary with nobody to talk to. I was diagnosed 3 yrs ago  I'm also in Ontario.  I was born and raised in Sudbury but now I'm closer to Toronto.  Where are you living?
Whenever I've needed to go to the hospital for bleeds or any questions,
I go directly to Toronto Wesern Hospital.  399 Bathurst st. Toronto ON  General Inquiries 416-603-2581 They are well versed in CCM's.
I also recently had emergency surgery to remove one of my 3 ccm's.  I'm alive and doing fine.  
How is your son doing today?  How old is he?
Take care.
Hi Shawm

Dustin is 26 we live outside of Sudbury. He is doing a bit better get sober and finally emerging slowly from the why did this happen to me phase. He had a wonderful Doctor in London Dr Diosey but london is so far from here and Dr diosey only comes to Sudbury once a year. Dustin has started with something new and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced it. About every 3 to 4 months Dustin will have episodes of throwing up blood lots of blood but they can't find anything. It stops as fast as it starts, I suggested to the Doctor at emerge that maybe he had a cva in his stomach and he just kinda shook his head and walked away. Has anyone heard of this. How are you doing?
Hi Sherilynn,
 I have not heard of that.  It sounds like it may be a stomach ulcer. Have they tested for this?  This vomiting episode has happened to my Father. (no ccm's)  He often drinks beer which upsets ulcers.
I'm not a Dr. but just a thought.

 I'm doing well.  I had surgery about 9 mths ago.  I go through rough periods both physically and mentally but that's part of the condition.

 I do my best to focus on what I have in my life and not spend time dwelling on what could happen.

 Does Dustin visit this chat line/website?

Take care hope things get better, the unknown is difficult to deal with.  I know they will find a cure for this some day.

ShawnM 26
Dustin doesn't come on the chat, the last bleed left him with poor sight and kinda changed his personality, some days he is a fun loving guy and the next day he is unreasonable and hard to deal with. Dustins are inoperable the one is just to big and to deep and the other 4 a fairly small, but he has them in all different areas in his brain. He was spending a few days with his sister and she noticed that the one part of his head looks like the skull is cracked and seperating and has gone all white but he refused to go get looked at, he hates going to the hospital here in Sudbury it is usally a 10 to 12 hour wait in emergency and the last time he was having a reaction to the dilanten and they thought he was drunk so we waited all night and when we finally got in to the the doctor and I gave them the usual low down on his condition and that he was having a hard time seeing they just told me to make an eye appointment for him and discharged him. Suppose to be making a doctors appointment with family doctor and I am hoping they will refer him to Toronto. I hope you are well Shawn

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