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Hey, sort of doing this out of curiousity, and also to get this forum kickin'.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about applying for disability here in Canada?

Do you think I meet the requirements?

- Dizzy, off-balance
- Blurred/fuzzy vision
- Loss of co-ordination
- Occasional migraine
- Extreme fatigue

I'm young and need a job, but due to my CA I feel well enough to get up and out of the house maybe 3 days out of a week (if I'm lucky).

Also, what if I were to get surgery? Would I be able to apply for disability as I'm re-cooperating?

Any thoughts or facts on this would be greatly appreciated.

I have included the Ontario Disability Benefits website.  If I recall correctly you live in Ontario.

Wow, that's very helpful!
Thanks a lot Lina!
It takes a bit to get disability, usually you have to show progressive neurologic deficits, and get your doctor to verify that. It is my understanding that sometimes people apply two or three times before getting disability to go through.  If you feel you really need it, you have to be persistent.  (This will undoubtedly sound like your mother) but since you are only 19, you need to be careful that you don't lose some of your autonomy in other areas as well.  If you complain of vision or seizure like symptoms you may lose your drivers license, so just be aware that the implications of setting things in motion for disability may be far reaching.  It is not something you want to do unless you really have to.  I worked part time for years with the same symptoms you are expressing.  I am so glad to see someone finally talk about the fatique!  I guess I am trying to encourage you to stay active.  Good luck....I wish you well. :)

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