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It's 5 years at the end of this month since I had a brainstem angioma removed successfully.

After feeling unwell for the past 4 weeks I had an MRI which shows it has either regrown or there is another one in the same place. I think it must be quite large because I can feel the pressure from it and my balance is poor.

I am waiting for my neurosurgeon to go over my scans in more depth and decide the best course of action.

This is devastating after going through 9 months of two haemorrhages and two episodes of surgery 5 years ago.

I'm worried that further brainstem surgery is like playing russian roulette.

I also wondered if there had  been any research into regrowth rates post surgery?
Emma, I am sorry you are not feeling well.  May you be given comfort and support today, Thoughts and prayers are with you.
Thank you greektexan.
I have read some stuff which suggested regrowth rates are low - I think the figure I saw was 2%. Where did you have you op done - here in the UK? Best,


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