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Get togethers in colorado springs?

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I live in Colorado Springs and am looking for a support group in the area.
I was diagnosed in Aug. '06 with a central pontine angioma of the brainstem after symptoms due to a few bleeds led to MRI's, etc., and Dr. Spetzler suggests a wait and see approach, not surgery at this time.
Sophia   :)
Hello!  We are in Colorado Springs too.  Both my 1 year old son and myself (26) have been diagnosed.

Email me!  aaselfridge@hotmail.com
Hi! I'm in Longmont, 35 miles north of Denver, and haven't found anyone near me w/this.  I had a bleed on or around 2/23/09, was diagnosed a week later, and am having another MRI on Monday in Denver. Planning surgery in a few weeks. I have a cavernous hemangioma in my right frontal lobe, and it's about 2 cm. Surgeon says it's not very deep. Not looking forward to surgery, but really want this taken care of. Having numbness/decreased sensation on left side of my body, slurred speech, vision issues, dizziness....Ugh. I'm a busy mom of six kids ages 5 through 18, and this was a HUGE shock.... :p
Hi, I live in Denver and am new to this site.  I would love a get together! Let me know when and where.
Hi again! I had surgery on 4/8 -- craniotomy -- and it went very well. I highly recommend my team of doctors, the Boulder Neurosurgical Group. My cavernoma was very close to my left motor strip, and they did SO many MRIs, including using inter-operative MRI (the only one in the state, apparently, is in Boulder). I feel pretty good. A huge relief having this thing OUT. It had bled before, doctor could see, so he cleaned things up, and I am on anti-seizure meds for now....I came home last night, 4/11. Very grateful to be over the worst of it, and on to recovery now. Happy Easter to you all! Peace.  :D
I'm so glad the surgery went well!  Thanks for the update and I will look into the group in Boulder.  Happy Easter to you too! Keep us updated on your recovery. Take Care.

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