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Congratulations on the new forum  :)

I don't know if this will be of help to anyone, however, when we were approaching surgery for my daughter's spinal CA we received recommendations for Jacques Brotchi (http://www.societyns.org/society/bio.aspx?MemberID=15551)

In the end we didn't use his services, however, as he is located in Belgium this might be useful for someone in Europe.


Thanks. Although in truth it's pretty unlikely that someone in the UK would look outside the UK for a surgeon as we have a working public health service here and if you have got private medical insurance on top of that it will generally only cover procedures performed here.

Sacha is the exception but she went to Dr. Spetzler who is, so I gather, a god who walks among us and I assume (but I've not got her book to hand - it's here somewhere but I can't find it right now) that she paid for that herself.
According to the book Sacha worked in the US and got an american insurance to pay for it.
But if you need a doc in europe and english docīs arenīt good enough then by law the NHS has to pay for it this applies to all european countries.
The best in europe accrding to "the god who walks among us "aka Spetzler is Professor Helmut Bertalanffy he used to work in Marburg  Germany at the Universitäts Klinikum .And atleast my docīs have agreed upon on sending me to AZ if I really need it or if Spetzler thinks Bertalanffy can deal with it then him if iīm in dire straits.
My doc said quote: In a serious situation you have to be humble and ask for help if you need it ,unquote.

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