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Over here in the UK we've had a support mailing list for some time but after some nagging by Michelle we've asked AA(US) to create a forum for those of us in the UK to discuss UK-centric issues. This is likely to be things like dealing with the NHS (our publicly funded universal health service) and social services. More general issues are probably better addressed to the main Support Forum which should have a wider audience.

But if you're not a UK citizen then feel free to join in. We're all friends here.

Paul Oldham
AA(UK) Webmaster
Yep I was like jackrussell terrier nibbling at Ianīs heels but hey it worked :;):
And we really needed it as there are things that only concern us in europe and in the UK and we need to be as enlightened as our fellow CCM members in America.

So cheers you made me a happy bunny!!!!!!

I'm glad there is some where to come and have a chat now.
it has took some time for me to gt here but hopfully we will se lots more uk members coming along  :)

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