End of Year Gift - Not Too Late

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End of Year Gift - Not Too Late

Postby Connie Lee » Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:11 am

Please consider making a tax deductible gift to support the work of Angioma Alliance. Your donation funds:

1. The only annual scientific meeting dedicated to cavernous angioma. This meeting has resulted in collaborations and information-sharing that have reduced the time to a treatment by years.
2. Our DNA/Tissue Bank that is the leading source of cavernous angioma tissue for researchers around the world.
3. Our free genetic testing program for individuals with multiple lesions whose insurance will not cover the cost.
4. Our family conference, newsletters, videos, website, publications and every other way we have of keeping you informed about treatments and keeping you connected with others.
5. Our work to pass legislation to increase funding for cavernous angioma research and our advocacy within the National Institute of Health.
6. Our increasing visibility on a national stage through major events, social and traditional media, and nurturing relationships with prominent individuals.

Next year, we expect to see the first clinical drug trials - a truly momentous event. Angioma Alliance is intimately involved in planning these trials and will be working to create a network of centers that can provide quality care as well as serve as drug trial sites. This is going to be a major undertaking and will require additional financial and personnel resources.

We also intend to expand our peer support efforts to include more options for those who are post-surgery, to keep our community close-knit and vibrant, and to continue to provide the latest information. We hope you'll join us. In the meantime, please thank your wonderful forum moderators, Elizabeth, Michelle, (and Patti) who put in so many hours answering questions and offering support.

As you know, Angioma Alliance right now has only 2 employees - Dr. Amy Akers who serves as our Chief Scientific Officer and me. We do not have the overhead of an office. We work smart, and rely on our dedicated Board and volunteers to make so much of our programming happen. Your contributions go directly toward our mission to inform, support, and empower individuals affected by cavernous angioma and drive research toward better treatments and a cure.

Please give as generously as you can online or by mail. Giving instructions are at http://www.angioma.org/donate.

Thank you for all you do! Without you, there can be no cure.
Connie Lee
President and CEO, Angioma Alliance
17-year-old daughter with CCM3 mutation who has had 4 brain surgeries, T2-L3 spinal fusion
To support Angioma Alliance, visit http://www.Angioma.org/Donate.
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