Hypothalamic obesity post-surgery

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Hypothalamic obesity post-surgery

Postby Michelle2000 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:39 pm

This may be of interest. http://cincinnatichildrensblog.org/heal ... gut/#more-

My son had an appointment with his ped. endo. yesterday and she said he had clinical signs of hypothalamic obesity. This is the first anyone has put a name to the difficulty he has had with his hunger & weight. We had been told that his brain stem lesion was not that high into the brain and the surgery would not have affected it. He rapidly gained 40 pounds after his surgery, and though he has at times been able to hold steady or even lose a bit, he has gained 125 pounds over the past 5 years. He exercises, eats healthy, and is very conscious of his weight. It is very frustrating and heartbreaking. It affects how he views himself as a person.

I know others here or on the Facebook group have children who have experienced something similar.

18 year old son with brainstem CM resected in March 2010, CM at C2-C3,
CCM2 mutation; DH & BIL with multiples in brain and spine; (MIL - deceased spine & brain)
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