Live Blogging from the Scientific Workshop #1

We are almost at the beginning of the 2011 Angioma Alliance Pathobiology of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations Scientific Workshop. In less than an hour, our 7th annual international meeting will kick off. It will run across three days Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, and all day Friday.

I’m planning to blog some of the activities of the day as they happen. I can’t write about the content of the presentations themselves for two reasons: 1) the data being discussed is unpublished and, therefore, confidential; and, 2) for the most part, the scientists sound as if they are speaking in tongues when they discuss their research. The important work that is being done to find better treatments for cavernous angiomas is extremely technical, filled with acronyms and indecipherable diagrams of complex matrices. I have been attending this workshop since the beginning and, without having earned a degree in molecular biology, I am clueless much of the time. However, I can try to give you the flavor, the agenda, and some amateur photos. I’m hoping this will help you to feel connected to the event.

This is the first time the workshop is being held in Europe; we made this choice because we have so many laboratories in Europe that are working on finding treatments and we would like them all to participate. As you can imagine, the American scientists were also excited to have the opportunity to change the venue from Washington, DC for one year.

I arrived at the Dolce hotel here in Chantilly, France very early on this foggy morning. It is quite beautiful:

The view from my room is lovely!

A horse statue greets guests as they enter the grounds. Chantilly is known for its horses:

But, apparently, it’s best not to fence with the statue – touche!

This room will soon be filling with scientists eager to learn from each other, build collaborations, and find a cure for cavernous angiomas:

Angioma Alliance will be represented by Dr. Amy Akers, our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Sara Sukalich, the Chair of our Board, and yours truly. Later today, we expect Dr. Ian Stuart, the coordinator of Cavernoma Alliance UK and Krystle Kontoh of Genetic Alliance UK.  These organizations have partnered with us to sponsor this event, and we’re very grateful for their generosity and support.

More later as the events get underway!

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