Gardening for a Cure

For those of you in the US Northeast and Midwest, it may be hard to believe, but winter will end one day. In the meantime, I encourage you to think warm thoughts by planning your garden.

Angioma Alliance has teamed with FlowerPower Fundraising to help make your garden beautiful. When you purchase tubers, bulbs, root clumps, and bare roots that will grow to become your flowers of summer, Angioma Alliance will receive 50% of each dollar you spend. Find the catalog here:

Click on the green Shop Now button to begin browsing and buying.

Wondering how to plant in frozen soil? You can go ahead and order now, and the plants will not arrive until it is planting time in your area. The plants currently being sold on the website are planted in the spring, yielding summer and fall blooms. Orders placed before April 29th will be shipped between early April and late May, depending on when your order is submitted and the optimal planting time in your area.

Don’t just shop for yourself; please ask your family and friends to support us, too. You know what to do: Facebook it, tweet it, email your address book. Everything helps.

FlowerPower can ship only to the contiguous United States because of agricultural and shipping restrictions.

Thanks for your support and happy gardening!

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