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This site provides access to a number of community features supported by Angioma Alliance. Click here to go to the Angioma Alliance web site.

The Angioma Alliance Forum

This is a forum for discussions about cavernous angiomas, also called cavernous malformations or cerebral cavernous malformations. Visit the Angioma Alliance Forum to discuss the illness, treatment and more, and to interact with others affected by the condition.

We were not able to carry over the archives from the old Angioma Alliance forum (shut down in September 2010), but we are able to provide access to the archives for searching and browsing. Visit the old Angioma Alliance forum archives.

Angioma Alliance on Facebook

Angioma Alliance maintains a closed Facebook group for all members and a closed Facebook group for parents of children with cavernous angiomas. Please visit and ask to join.

In addition, please "like" our Facebook page to read about our activities and "like" Chief Scientific Officer Amy Aker's page to learn about the latest science.

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